Summer Rodent Control

Rodents bite and are responsible for the transmission of a number of diseases. A person can get infected by rats either directly or indirectly. Direct transmission of disease includes exposure to rat feces that is infected, urine and bites or scratches. Indirect infection can happen through intermediate anthropod vector like ticks, mites and fleas.

When homeowners are able to identify the location of pests in their homes, they must contact a pest control team to get rid of pests as soon as possible. Pattersons Pest Control handles rat and mice pest management and effectively keeps rats and mice under control. It is our job to control pests but we also suggest the following prevention method that you and your family can do to maintain a rodent free home.

  1. Store food away from rodents and clean the area at all times. They are attracted to crumbs and garbage and they prey on these two as their food source when they get the chance.
  2. Make sure cabinets where you store food are closed at all times to prevent them from going inside.
  3. Keep away cardboards, cartons or even shoe boxes as they like to munch on this and use it in their nests.

We recommend that anyone whose homes are infested with rodents must call a professional in order to address the problem and prevent infestations from aggravating. Schedule an appointment with Pattersons Pest Control and we will be right at your doorstep to inspect the area.