What Our Customers Say

"Highly recommend this company, they were thorough and professional at a competitive rate. Great communication, and very accommodating.
Spiders be gone....Yeah!!!"

D & S Miller

"Thank you for traveling to Kew at no extra cost. I am continually frustrated in services that appear to charge extra for travelling to an inner suburb. I will definitely call you again in twelve months, thanks again."

Lynda V

"A BIG Thank you to Pattersons Pest Control for your fast service!! We have a baby in the house and feel very safe with the products you have used. The problem has gone !! Very friendly and professional people to deal with!! .......THANK YOU!!!"

Brooke Tanti

"Thanks you to Pat & Darrin for taking care of our home while we were away on holidays. The kids are now safe from the creepy crawlies as is mum. We live in a very green and leafy suburb so this is essential for us. I love the service you provide and how prompt and responsive you always are. Big thumbs up!"


"I just wanted to take the time to thank Pat, Darrin and all the staff at Pattersons Pest Control for being so helpful and professional over the past couple of years. They always do an amazing job as I regularly get my house sprayed every year due to cockroaches etc. The service is amazing, fast, efficient, professional  ... and very well organised. Darrin took the time to explain everything to us step by step. I won’t hesitate in calling Patterson Pest Control again next year and I refer my friends and colleagues all the time. Thanks for the wonderful service."

Michelle Mcdermott