Pest Control And Management For Shopping Centres And Retail Stores

In retail it is essential to maintain a level of pest control that protects the health and safety of tenants, staff and customers, avoids damage to stock or premises and protects your brand and reputation.

Pests such as Rodents, Ants, Cockroaches, Moths and nuisance Birds are common problems in retail buildings.   Because people are constantly entering and leaving your premises, pests find their way in through cardboard boxes, vents and unsealed doors or windows.  Once pests are present they can quickly multiply so prompt action should be taken to eradicate these unwanted guests.

At Pattersons Pest Control our experienced local technicians can inspect and safely and effectively exterminate any unwanted pests.  We can provide a detailed report of the problem and the appropriate steps to take to reduce recurrence. We understand the need for discretion and aim to minimise any disruption to your business during the inspection and treatment.

We can establish a maintenance program with an Integrated Pest Management for shopping centres (IPM approach) to ensure your business continues to be pest-free.  Our company is registered with the Victorian Health Department and has the expertise to ensure all treatments are safe and effective.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange an obligation free quote or inspection from a shopping centre pest controller in Melbourne, call today on 1300 484 030 or email