Mice are mainly active at night and can be heard running about as they search for food. You may hear scratching noises in the walls or ceiling as mice scurry around or notice small, dark droppings particularly in cupboards or under the sink.

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Rat Removal Melbourne CBD

Did you know?

  • A rat can go longer without water than a camel.
  • The word mouse comes from an ancient Sanskrit word meaning ‘thief’.

Protect your Home or Workplace from Rodents

Having rats or mice is more than inconvenient, they are unsanitary and can do damage to wiring and furniture through their gnawing and scratching.  They contaminate food and leave their droppings behind.

Making scratching noises in the walls and ceiling at night, they can multiply quickly and have even been the cause of house fires after chewing through electrical cables.

Typical Signs of Mice

  • Droppings – Mice leave small dark droppings behind in cupboards or under sinks.
  • Noises – Mice scurry and scratch around in walls and ceilings.
  • Damage – Mice gnaw on wood, plastic, cables and other hard materials.

Preventing Rat and Mice Infestation

  • Seal any holes around your home larger than five centimetres as mice can fit through tight spaces to gain access.
  • Don’t provide a food source.  Store food in closed containers and regular clean cupboards and under fridges and stoves.
  • The most effective and safe approach to the removal or control of rodents is to employ the services of a professional pest control company.

Carcass Removal Melbourne

If you notice a smell in or around the building that smells like rotting flesh, chances are that you have a carcass outside or stuck somewhere in a building cavity or the ceiling. Not only will a rotting carcass smell terrible, it will attract other pests. Our technicians have the expertise, and stomach, to remove a dead rat, mouse or possum from the area.

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