Commercial Warehouse Pest Control – Canning and Packaging Factories

We worry so much about pest infestation at home but our homes are not the only place where pests reside. It’s concerning to know pests make warehouses/factory a breeding site to lay eggs and multiply. Warehouses have grown larger than we have ever seen some before and the larger the area the greater the chances for pests to hide and destroy a thing or a property.

This is the main reason why Patterson Pest Control offers commercial pest control services to factory and warehouses specifically canning and packaging factories; this is one of the places pests love to habitat in, as they can smell food, and have shelter.

Pests shouldn’t be inside warehouses as they pose great danger to a person’s health through contamination. This can have a negative impact on a business. Some of the common pests found in warehouses, are mice, rats, rodents, bees, wasps and flies. They love to be in cold, dark areas that are left unnoticed, or areas where people don’t usually go to. If these areas are left untreated with pests, you will be surprised that one day the damage has grown big and building repairs may be needed.

Canning and packaging warehouses must be careful not to let rats or mice walk on food, urinate or defecate on it.

Some warehouse/factory that have high and/or open ceilings, often have birds flying around inside, leaving bird droppings behind, as they manage to find there way in through the large warehouse/factory doors. They find shelter and build nests on high structures which can be an issue for food safety and sanitation. Rat faeces can even build up as time goes by and can damage building material and structures. At the first sight of any pests, call a pest control service to help solve your problem.

Canning and packaging warehouses must give careful attention to this and ensure safety of the business to avoid profit loss. Call Pattersons Pest Control for information or enquire through our Contact enquiry form, or a free, non-obligation quote on our pest control services.