Habitat of Rats / Mice

There are a number of rodent species out there, but rats and mice top the list as two of the most visible rodents at home. They crawl around your house any time of day; they carry bacteria and illnesses that are harmful to the health. These rodents lurk secretly in the dark or anything that they have access to such as small holes, pipes and other possible entry points.

Nobody likes to see rats or mice around their homes, offices, or even outside, and this is why Patterson Pest Control offers rodent control and removal to prevent them from spreading. If you are located in Doreen, give us a call so we can check out your area right away to control rodents and give you the necessary service and solutions needed in order to get rid of rats and mice.

In Melbourne, mice escape the cold weather and hide inside houses or buildings for protection and warmth. Residents are encouraged to properly seal homes, to keep away rodents such as rats or mice from coming in.

Our staff are trained to do the work effectively and will help keep your house, office building, café or restaurant, clear of any rodents. You will also be given instructions on how to avoid rodent problems which will definitely start with cleanliness and sanitation of the area.

Common house mice can spread disease such as hantavirus, salmonellosis and listeria through droppings, urine, saliva and its nesting materials. When there is major infestation in your home, have our pest control team pay your location a visit to control and prevent rats and mice from infesting the building/area. They bring diseases that can compromise your health and can even cause death.

Big rats and mice can enter homes even with the tightest of spaces; it can squeeze itself in to small gaps and holes from walls to ceilings, cellars, cupboards and even attics.  One reason rats and mice can be seen is due to the cold weather or when winter closes in. They hide in fear of the cold and look for shelter and protection.

Patterson Pest Control uses quality tamper proof; lockable bait stations that traps rat or mouse effectively. It prevents pets or children from gaining access to rat poison. It is a form of mouse trap and poison bait block to ensure death of mouse or rat once it is inside. Many homeowners consider using this type of mouse trap because it doesn’t obviously look like a mouse trap. Position it in an area where rodents usually reside and can potentially enter. Always store in areas where kids and pets don’t have access to it.

To foolproof your place, you need professional exterminators who can get rid of rodents in your home before they take over your place and cause and health issues or damage to your home or office. We use pest management methods that are safe to humans and the environment. We also follow pest control protocols as mandated by the Australian Pest Control Association.

It is always better to hire a professional pest exterminator rather than doing it on your own, unless you are knowledgeable enough to get rid of rodents and pests.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us and we will be happy to assist you.