The Dangers of Removing Wasps from Residential and Commercial Properties

Wasps are troublemakers and an aggressive predator once removed from its nest and the cause of it could be you or anybody trying to play or disturb their home. Unlike bees, wasps can attack even when they are not disturbed, and you need to be wary of your surroundings when you are around them especially outdoors.

When wasps feel threatened they become more aggressive and have the tendency to attack right away, leaving their victims helpless.

If you want to remove a wasp’s nest, you should seek the professional help of a pest exterminator. Pattersons Pest Control knows exactly what to do when cases such as this occur in your homes or offices. We don’t just remove the nest immediately once we’re treating the infested area but take all the necessary precautions to secure the area pre and post removal of the nest.

Pattersons Pest Control has effective wasp removal solutions that can protect you and your family from bee or wasp stings. Rule number one; always be careful when removing wasps from residential or any commercial properties. A wasp sting can emit chemicals that can send signals to the rest of its colony to attack, and hence the importance of recruiting a professional pest removal company to handle it.

Night time is the best time to treat wasps, as this when they are not as aggressive. You may find wasps anywhere in your home or office, and if you plan to remove the nest on your own, check areas where you suspect them to hide or stay and do not do the removal or treatment during daytime when they are active. Wasps like to stay in areas where their nest can’t be easily found. Although removing a wasps nest can be done in broad sunlight, you also need to wear protective clothing to avoid the possibility of being stung/attacked.

If you plan to hire a pest control team like us, we’ll handle the removal and settle any fears you may have because of this. Be cautious and keep yourself safe and free from wasps, especially kids.

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