Summer is coming, and so are Wasps.

During summer season, you will notice wasps swarming around your home and they tend to be more active and aggressive this time of the year. Wasps build their nests outdoors under eaves, in the ground but can also make their way into your homes when they get the chance to build one especially if they gain access. It is best to contain or treat a nest in early spring or earlier in the year before they increase in numbers. Removing a wasp nest is possible however the possibility of sting dangers may still remain and wasps may possibly attack when their nest is disturbed or even destroyed. Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times with each sting delivering excruciating pain. In some cases leading to hospitalization.

Wasps also can create dangerous situations as they are attracted to soft drink cans. A number of adults and children have been repeatedly stung by the wasp as they drunk from the can that the wasp has entered.

Pattersons Pest Control specialises in wasp control and wasp infestation, we provide a quality service at reasonable rates the reason why more and more people choose our services. We use a variety of techniques to control wasps but the following are the main tasks done by our expert crew:

  1. We inspect the area and check for wasp inside and outside your home to prepare our wasp control plan.
  2. We provide documents and findings and make sure that everything will be explained for the understanding of the client. This includes the schedule of treatment, follow up, method of controlling wasps and materials to be used.
  3. Our team will educate you and your family about the origin of wasps, their effect on the environment and the potential harm they bring.
  4. We will do an inspection of the surroundings to check for problem areas that could potentially be favorable sites for wasp nests.
  5. Lastly, it is our duty to check sanitation and how the area is kept clean at all times to prevent the possible infestation of wasps.

You can trust that Pattersons Pest Control will take care of the pests around your home. Call us now!