Rats and Mice: The Damage You Don’t Know About

If there is plenty of food and shelter, rats and mice will gladly live in close proximity to us. They generally like to roam in attics, ceilings and wall areas. These pests are nocturnal creatures and are rarely seen by the homeowner, which is why many people don’t take action until it’s too late.

Rats and Mice: The Damage You Don't Know About

Rats and Mice: The Damage You Don’t Know About

A few clues to help you spot them might be scratching noises in walls and roofs, small pointed droppings and signs of damage from their gnawing.

Rats and mice are not just annoying creatures – they can create life threatening hazards in your home, that may make you want to rethink the urgency of your rat and mice removal.

  • Leaving their droppings behind creates an ideal breeding ground for insects, which also can carry nasty bugs and diseases. Historically, they are known as a carrier of plagues.
  • Your precious furniture and property can be destroyed from the inside out by mice and rats gnawing and scratching.
  • These little creatures are hoarders – they will store anything from their rotting food to outside materials inside causing damage to your property over time.
  • Most importantly, rats and mice can chew through electrical cables in your walls and ceilings – a known cause of many house fires.  Electrical outages can be extremely costly – creating production downtime and decreasing your overall efficiency.

Unfortunately, rats and mice breed continuously – having at least 6-10 litters every year.  Without a proper extraction and prevention program, they can quickly build and rebuild a number of nests in your property.

Give us a call and we will find a solution to rid you of your problem.

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