Pest Management Services Are Imperative For Childcare Centres

Pest Management in Childcare Centres

Most young children these days spend a great amount of their time in childcare centres and it is vitally important to provide them with safe and healthy environment where they can thrive physically, emotionally, mentally and socially.

Daycare/child care or kindergarten centres must have a strict implementation of the Integrated Pest Management System (IPM). Kids are little explorers and caregivers must pay careful attention to any hazards present in the area and remove them right away to avoid accidents, such as digestion of poisonous substances and pesticides cleaners.
Pests can destroy property and spread diseases that can be a cause of sickness in most kids. Watch out for cockroaches and rats or mice inside the daycare centre because they can trigger asthma attacks and the smell of pesticides being used can irritate the lungs. Young children are sensitive to this and care givers must control these factors to avoid accidents.

IPM is the best choice in order to keep the area safe at all times whenever you are planning to have your Daycare Pest Control. IPM uses a safer and more effective method that lasts longer by eliminating pests’ access to food and water. While there is a place for Pest Control products we aim to minimize the use of bait while utilizing IPM (prevention) methods, only dealing with the targeted pests. At Pattersons Pest Control we choose the least toxic and non-harmful ones that reduces exposure risks of the human health.

Childcare Pest Management must be planned carefully well and must be done through team effort, making sure that safe pest control management is practiced at all times. The Occupational Health and Safety officers conduct trainings and lessons that covers a wide range of health and safety issues for Kindergarten Pest Removal.

Our team at Pattersons Pest Control has undergone full training of the Integrated Pest Management system and we make sure this is being implemented in every child care facilities around Melbourne.