Got Bees And Wasps In Your Backyard?

Now that we are now well and truly into summer, you may have noticed an increase in activity for pests around your home, particularly bees and wasps.


If you are experiencing larger numbers in your garden than usual, there is likely to be a nest very close by.

Generally speaking, stings from these tiny critters are annoying at most, but they can on occasion cause dangerous allergic reactions. Wasps can be very aggressive, and unlike bees, their painful sting can be administered repeatedly when attacking.

There are several types of wasps in Australia, including the common Mud Dauber wasps (native), Paper Wasps (native) and the European Wasp (imported). All are very aggressive with very painful stings, in particular the Paper Wasp.

Wasps will often create nests during summer in the shaded areas of your home or yard, including wall and roof cavities, inside sheds, garages, outdoor decks or surrounding trees.

You should not attempt to approach the nest, or harm it in any way, as they are easily provoked. Do not spray the nest with water, and be cautious when watering the garden, in case of a nest has been constructed on one of your plants.

We also advise against spraying any bee hives with water, as they search for moisture in summer and this might actually encourage them to stick around.

If you find a wasp nest in or around your home, you should contact a professional immediately to exterminate the swarm. The nests can then be removed several days later. Pattersons Pest Control can deal with your wasp and bee problems in an instant, and provide regular barrier sprays to prevent further nesting in the future.

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