Environmentally-Friendly Products

Now you can get rid of pesticides with environmentally friendly products that contain natural agents designed to keep pests and other insects away from your home and business specifically on plants, herbs and shrubs. The health of your family & pets can greatly benefit from using bio-degradable, enviro-friendly products.

Pyrethrum is commonly used in Pest Control preparations. This organic compound is found in wildflowers such as Chrysanthem flowers. It is designed to be effective only on the targeted species. This is why Patterson Pest Control utilizes this compound as the preferred insecticide due to the odourless, low- toxicity for humans & mammals. Also, it is biodegradable therefore it is much more environmentally friendly

Start saying goodbye to wasps, bees, cockroaches, redback and huntsman spiders, bedbugs and more without compromising your health and keep your surroundings clean and green naturally.

Enviro-friendly, bio-degradable preparations that are used at Pattersons Pest Control are the safest products on today’s market. It has a residual barrier therefore NOT airborne where particles can be inhaled.

For the fast, safe and effective approach to pest control, trust the experts from Pattersons Pest Control to solve your pest problems.

We use Environmentally Friendly Products such as the following:

  • Termidore
  • Perigen defence residual Insecticide
  • Astro aerosol residual insecticide
  • Talon XT Pro Rodenticide Wax Blocks
  • Temprid 75 Residual Insecticide
  • Maxforce quantumnliquid ant bait
  • Birenthrin 100 ec Low odour
  • Goliath Gel bait
  • Ditrac all weather blox rodenticide
  • Biflex aquamax insecticide

Give us a call today to find out more about the environmentally-friendly products we use to rid your house or business of unwanted pests.