Entertain Pest-Free This Summer!

The warmer months have finally rolled around, and unfortunately this means so have the pests. Spring and summer are peak pest seasons, and hot weather means ideal living and breading conditions for many insects and household vermin. This brings a noticeable increase in activity in particular for mosquitoes, ants, flies, cockroaches and spiders, which can be a nightmare for your barbeques and outdoor entertainment!

Eliminate these pests from your home and entertain care-free with a complete pest control treatment plan. We can take care of current infestations and prevent further problems so you can enjoy the summer months. If you are one of the lucky few who are yet to see an increase in unwanted guests, here are a few handy tips for keeping them at bay:

  • Keep your home free of standing water – pots, jars etc to keep mosquitoes from breeding
  • Ensure you’re frequently disposing of garbage properly with lids firmly secured to stop the spread of flies
  • Cover food at all time to prevent scavenging flies and prevent any contamination of disease or bacteria

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