Pests thrive where there is an opportunity for them to gather food and when the environment is good enough to sustain them, and yes, it could be your home or any commercial establishment. Pests are pests no matter what, and having them around means your place is not safe nor is it clean. This calls for pest controller assistance! Patterson’s Pest Control can help you; we are just one phone call away. We do poison control for ants and termites, fumigation, bird and rodent control, bugs, flea, cockroach and spider treatments.

We are the number one pest control company in Melbourne and we focus on giving you a pest free home and business with our residential and commercial pest removal services. Patterson’s Pest Control has the best team of pest controllers who are trained and knowledgeable in answering any of your questions. We service in areas like Montmorency where there are a number of homes and establishments where pests can take advantage of. Don’t let this happen to your place! Dial our number today and talk to one of our friendly pest controllers for assistance.