At a very reasonable price, Patterson’s Pest Control is your go-to for pest removal services both on residential and commercial establishments in Melbourne and locations such as St. Helena in Victoria. We use non-toxic and environmentally-safe pest control options to remove unwanted pests in your place. Our priority is to protect your household and business against all types of pests like bees, wasps, ants, bed bugs, termites, fleas, spiders and rats. Pest sprays are good alternative to exterminate pests but you may wonder why pest sprays no longer have effect to these pests mentioned even if you spray on a regular basis?

Pest controllers have special technique on how to exterminate pests effectively; with the help of our experienced pest control technicians, we guarantee zero pest visibility in your area with regular pest control maintenance and inspection. We follow strict government standards when removing pests, by making sure we use pest control solutions that are safe for use and which do no harm to pets and the environment. Call us for a free quotation