We’ve got your covered on all pest control needs! It is our duty to secure your lovely home, office, or commercial block from pests that can potentially cause big damage onsite. We want to share with you a few household pest fun facts – here goes:

Did you know?

1.   A Cockroach can live for a few days without their head.

2.   Only male crickets sing so that female crickets would find them.

3.   Ants have super strength and can lift 20 times its on body weight.

4.   Mice can fit through anything including the size of a small coin.

There you have it! Although it’s fun to know these facts about pests, they are surely not fun at all when they start damaging your property and belongings. Pest removal must be done to avoid the infestation of pests. Patterson’s Pest Control will do the dirty job in removing pests to make your home a safe and secure place. If you are located in Kangaroo Ground in Melbourne, call us for our pest control services.