The different seasons bring about change, even to the behaviour of pests. Breeding season for pests are high during spring time; they are extra active during the summer season, at fall and winter, pests find a place where it’s warm. Pattersons Pest Control will make sure your home is secure and won’t become a breeding area for pests to stay and reproduce.

For years, Pattersons Pest Control is known for it’s notoriety in exterminating pests even on the outskirts of Melbourne, like South Morang. This area is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia with new estates being developed since the year 2000. Pests, no matter how near or far, no matter how difficult it may seem will find a way to get inside homes, establishments and buildings just to find safe refuge,  settle and multiply.

Our pest controllers are highly trained to eliminate pests of all kinds; it could be spiders, rats, mice, cockroaches, wasps, fleas, flies, ants, bees, bed bugs and so much more. Contact us if you need residential pest control or commercial pest control service.