Over the years, Patterson’s Pest Control is known for giving consistent care to our client pest removal needs. No pest issue is too small or big for our team; our pest technicians have the right skill and the right knowledge to remove unwanted pests in your homes or businesses. We focus on creating a safe environment and clean surroundings to ensure your family and significant others are not harmed or get ill from any diseases carried by pests.

Eltham, a suburb in Victoria is one of the locations where we provide residential pest removal and commercial pest removal service. This area is famous for its rustic set of medieval style buildings in the 1930’s and some of it is preserved for tourist attraction. With the improvements done in Eltham, expect for pests such as rats, mice or cockroaches to invade buildings and houses as their safe house. Like us, these pests also want to keep themselves warm during cold season and the place where they can stay safe and warm are dark areas in your home that are not usually busy or they might crawl into cupboards, trash bins and the kitchen where there’s food. Always keep these areas clean and free from clutter to prevent infestation.