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Frequently asked questions.

How do I know if I have a mice infestation?

You may hear scratching in the roof or walls and there could be tell tale droppings. A smell may also invade the premises from the urine seeping through the ceiling.

Can you treat my house without harming my pets or children?

Yes! After careful consideration of your situation, we will recommend the most environmentally friendly treatment. This will not always mean the use of chemicals, but if it does, we use biodegradable, low toxic solutions.

I’m worried about the dog getting poisoned by bait. How do you ensure that doesn’t happen?

We use bait stations that are tamperproof, as well as waterproof.

I’ve just bought a property. Can you perform pest investigations before we start trading in our new restaurant?

This is a great idea. We can also help you create an ongoing plan that will satisfy the authorities.

I saw a cockroach in the restaurant. Does that mean we need to get rid of them?

Yes! At the first sign of a cockroach, the Health Department can shut down your business. You need to act quickly to rectify the situation by talking to a pest controller.

I can hear a buzzing noise in the garden. I’m allergic to bee stings. What should I do?

There could be a bee or wasp hive. Please don’t disturb a hive if you find it. Call Patterson’s for advice.

Do the chemicals affect pregnant women?

The chemicals we use are derived from the Chrysanthemum flower. Patterson’s will never put clients at risk.

We run a childcare centre and there are redback spiders in the playroom. Can you help?

Most definitely. You don’t want irate parents calling you demanding answers if a spider bites their child. Call us for advice.

Do the chemicals affect people with allergies or asthma?

Our products are low toxic. We will discuss your options with you in every case.

Our lease is about to end. Can you provide a flea treatment to the property?


I just saw a mouse run under the fridge. Should I worry about it?

Since mice are nocturnal and aren’t seen during the day, you may have a plague. Immediate action is advised.

Are you able to supply a pest control service to satisfy the Health Department?

Patterson’s Pest Control is registered with the Victorian Health Department so all our work will be above and beyond the legal requirements with full documentation.

We need an inspection for vermin. Can you do this?

Yes. We can supply you with an obligation free quote.

Do you get rid of possums?

Yes. It is illegal to kill possums. Pattersons Pest Control will seal the possum entry points, replace any broken tiles, re-nail loose iron sheeting, check all ridge caps & re-cement where necessary, use one way possum exits or cages to remove the possums from your roof, install a possum box if required.

Weekly possum cage hire is also available.

All work is fully guaranteed, department of sustainability & environment

I own a rental property. Can you fumigate it for me?

Yes, we service rental properties and can be on the preferred list for your body corporate if you have one.

Can you provide a pest check and quote for my business?

Yes, we can provide an obligation free quote.

Are Environment and OH&S risk assessments completed on every visit?

Patterson’s Pest Control does everything ‘by the book’. This means that we can provide you with documentation that will be above and beyond the legal requirements.

We’re at risk of the Health department closing down our cafe because we don’t have a Pest Control Program in place. Can you help with this?

Most businesses cannot afford to be shut for any length of time. We can work with you to implement a Integrated Pest Management and liaise with the Health Department to ensure that you’re back in business as soon as possible.

I live in Greensborough, will you come to this area?

Yes, we cover Greensborough and surrounding areas such as Eltham, Montmorency, Diamond Creek, Doreen, and Bundoora. In fact all Nillumbik, Banyule and Whittlesea council areas. We will travel to all areas in Melbourne.

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